« My goal is to serve the film by bringing the director's vision to life. »


I’ve been described as being contagiously positive, adaptable and hard working. My focus is always to push beyond my comfort zone while exploring new styles and utilizing new techniques.  Create the best images that serve the story. Being adaptable is key, from brainstorming and exploring ideas when needed to executing a director’s vision. As a director/DP who also does a fair amount of editing; I bring a lot of experience and perspective to all my projects. I’ve often been teamed up with young directors as a support to help in making certain we get the right coverage to make the edit work. I think the part I enjoy the most is being exposed to ideas I never thought of doing myself!

I’ve been director of photography on 6 feature documentaries, 7 television docs and series. I’ve directed and edited 2 feature documentaries. I’ve produced, directed and edited countless shorts films for a wide variety of clients.

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