"I make films that help people create the world they want to see.  My work combines my passion for cinema, nature and travel.  As a director who also works as a professional cinematographer and editor, I have found my voice as a filmmaker creating films that are fun, touching, inspiring and thought provoking."

Jean-Marc Abela is a director, cinematographer and editor who focuses on creating documentaries that invite the viewer to look deeper into our fascinating world. His experience in these three elements of cinema allows him to create films that are unique to him: films that seek to touch the hearts of viewers while engaging their mind and thus allowing them to reflect on the challenging issues with an open perspective. Not your typical activist documentary filmmaker,  Jean-Marc aims to touch his viewer through the alchemy of cinema.

As a Director, Jean-Marc has filmed 3 feature documentaries.  His first feature film Shugendo Now explores the essence of the relationship we have with nature in modern times by observing pilgrims as they walk along ancient mountain paths in Japan. His second feature Diversidad follows a group of young activists as they seek to understand the conflict between sustainable agriculture and globalization while cycling down the west coast of North America. His third film Emergence, which is currently in production, follows pioneers who are introducing the concepts of system thinking and holistic design to a society that is stuck in a dualistic destructive mode

As Director of Photography he has filmed over 3 seasons of travel television for various televisions shows. His passion for discovering new cultures and his love of nature is reflected throughout his work. Past clients include BBC Worldwide, National Geographic, Discovery World HD, Madonna, Moment Factory, Cirque du Soleil, Tourism Québec, TVA, Canal Évasion.




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